We provide a range of services including main contractual works for larger scale projects, a small works team for smaller tasks around the home, and a separate maintenance and aftercare arm for ongoing services beyond your project’s completion.

Main Contractor

As the main contractor, a dedicated Bailey and Jones team will be assigned to your project and act as the main call centre for the project’s duration. Your project's team will cover all aspects of communication between sub-contractors, designers and other stakeholders, management of the project’s finances and site action, and labour and materials provision to ensure smooth and seamless delivery.

Project Management

Our Project Managers have a proven track record of organising, monitoring and managing multiple projects from conception to completion, on time, within budget and to exacting standards. As Project Manager, our tasks involve the daily management of design and construction teams. We are committed to bringing our combined knowledge-base of products and expertise to your project, and enjoy the ability to use our initiative, apply our problem-solving skills when required, and make well-informed decisions whilst always remaining sensitive to the client’s requirements.

Small Works

Our small works team is a corner of Bailey and Jones that is readily available for small-scale tasks and projects that range from 1 to 21 days. Works include handyman jobs, small decoration and electrical works delivered by our mechanical and electrical arm.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Our maintenance arm is committed to delivering mechanical and electrical works to our current and past projects. This allows us to provide a consistency and an all-encompassing range of services in-house for smooth and easy project delivery. Providing an ongoing maintenance service, this ensures the high standard at Bailey and Jones is kept beyond your project’s end.